7 Applications of the Blood of Jesus

Rob Rufus, October 9, 2016
Part of the Rob Rufus 2016 series, preached at the Conference service

The Blood of Jesus was shed in 7 different ways on the day He died. In this incredibly powerful sermon, Rob reveals what those 7 ways represent, and how they impact your life!

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About Rob Rufus: Rob Rufus is the founder and Lead Pastor of City Church International, Hong Kong. Growing up in South Africa and initially being a devout Hare Krishna, Rob joined a Hindu Ashram on a full-time basis when he was at university. Around this time he also met his wife Glenda as they got married soon after. Glenda later had a remarkable experience where she encountered God and got ‘born again’. Rob ridiculed her faith but months later also had an encounter with Jesus Christ inside a Hindu temple where he himself got born again.
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