Romans 13: Loving People Like Jesus

Steve Wheeler, October 19, 2014
Part of the HCC Sermons series, preached at the Sunday Morning service

Jesus loves people unconditionally, which is kind of hard for us to comprehend, let alone do to others. But in this sermon based on Romans 13, Steve reveals how the New Covenant is all about unconditional Love towards others, and when empowered by Holy Spirit we too can operate in such Love!

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About Steve Wheeler: Steve and Janet are our senior pastors. They came from Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria where Steve did his Theological degree in Pretoria. They served full time as pastors with Ed Roebert at Hatfield Christian Church for 7 years before joining Greg and Michelle Haswell at Highway Christian Community Church. When Greg and Michelle immigrated to the States in 1999 Steve and Janet took over the leadership of the church. Steve has a passion to see people come into the freedom the Gospel of Grace brings. They are parents to 2 children and 1 grandchild. You can read Steve’s book ‘Highway to Grace’ by acquiring it online on purchasing it from our bookshop.
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