Altars of Mercy

Greg Haswell, July 24, 2016
Part of the HCC Sermons series, preached at the Sunday Morning service

Reading New Testament Scripture, especially that written by Paul, can be confusing after coming to an understanding of the New Covenant. "Live self-controlled" - "Live sacrificially" - "Sowing and reaping". All terms that could be a hinderance to understanding the absolute purity of Salvation by Christ Alone! But! We cannot deny that these are callings encouraged to us in the Scripture. How do we deal with them?
In this teaching by Greg Haswell of Atlanta, USA, you will come to understand that the Message of the New Covenant is the very milk that we start with, the very foundation upon which we stand. Without it, nothing CAN stand! But, we are called to climb higher, and build the most magnificent lives on top of these deep foundations. Start your journey to being an influential, stunning masterpiece that reveals the Goodness and Power of God as you understand this significant message.

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